M Offensive language & sexual references.



While working on a movie set in Australia, caterer Ronnie (Emily Taheny) finds herself entangled in an intense and passionate affair with renowned British movie star Henry Salbert (Eddie Izzard). Despite his wild declarations of love, the relationship ended abruptly when the film wrapped – Henry returned to England, breaking Ronnie’s heart and leaving her dejected and alone.

Five years later, Ronnie has found love once again in her kind and caring boyfriend Jeff - who does his best to help her through running her own restaurant, caring for her elderly mother and coping with her mountain of debt. When the world-famous Henry (and his French girlfriend Sophie) visit Australia to promote his latest film, a twist of fate sees the oblivious Jeff invite the couple over for dinner - unknowingly creating the perfect opportunity for Ronnie’s former flame to seduce her all over again.

With Ronnie once again finding herself the object of Henry’s affections, a potential rekindling sets to explore the intricacies of relationships, ambition, love, and the one that got away.

In cinemas September 6.

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Comedy | Drama


  • Marion Pilowsky
  • Eddie Izzard
  • Luke McKenzie
  • Vanessa Guide
  • Emily Taheny